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New student legal service

A new Student Legal Service, which will provide free legal advice and assistance to UTAS students in most areas of law, from migration to tenancy, employment and family violence, has been launched.

​​​​​​​The Student Legal Service is a free and confidential legal service for all University of Tasmania (UTAS) students, supported by the Tasmanian University Student Association (TUSA – formerly know as TUU) and Youth Law Australia.

To date, a legal service has been provided to UTAS students to varying extents, through the Tasmanian Student Legal Service, with financial support from TUSA and the University's Faculty of Law. This service has assisted many students over the years, however in more recent times, provided advice around migration issues only, which, whilst extremely important, only addressed one of many legal challenges UTAS students may face.

TUSA delivers a number of key student support services, including advocacy, representation, and financial counselling and is excited to add this new service to their offering. 2021 Student President Braydon Broad says, “The establishment of this Student Legal Service partnership brings TUSA ever closer to being a one-stop shop for student support.”

The new service will also enable the UTAS Law Faculty to continue to deliver a valuable work integrated clinical legal education component in LAW344 (Legal Practice and Lawyering). “Our partnership with the Law Faculty and YLA gives law students the chance to help the student community all the while honing their professional skills in the process,” Broad said.​​​​​​​

To book a free appointment with the Student Legal Service, students can call (03) 7032 8200 (Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm) or email

The Student Legal Service is assisted by volunteer law students at the University of Tasmania. However, current students will not have access to students’ information without their consent.

Published on: 17 Feb 2022 8:39am