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Payments, notices & fines

Fines for overdue items

Loan TypeGrace Period LimitItem returned on or after the Grace Period LimitMaximum Fine
Reserve 2 hour 30 mins $5 initial fine + $1 for each hour the item is overdue $30
Reserve 24 hour 1 hour $5 initial fine + $1 for each hour the item is overdue $30
3 Day Loan & Print Journal 1 day $5 initial fine + $1 for each day the item is overdue $30
Recalled/Requested Low Demand Items No Grace Period $1 for each day the item is overdue $30
Low Demand Items An account for the replacement cost of the item and a $30 processing fee is e-mailed when the item is 28 days overdue

Lost Items

An account/tax invoice for the replacement cost of an item and a $30 processing fee is e-mailed after the item is:

  • 7 days overdue (Reserve 2 & 24 hour loan)
  • 14 days overdue (3 day loan & print journal)
  • 28 days overdue (Low demand item)

UTAS staff are not charged overdue fines, however the replacement cost and $30 processing fee for lost items apply.

Once your total fine reaches $20 or more, you will no longer be able to borrow, and a sanction will be placed on your record which prevents viewing of results, transcripts, or graduation.
Clearing the total amount owing will remove these sanctions.
You can pay for fines or lost items by:

  • EFTPOS or Credit Card at the Library
  • Phoning the University Cashier during business hours on (03) 6324 3647
  • Online by using the Student Payment Portal (fines only, not lost books).

Remember - When you are paying at the Student Centre or by phone or online please ensure you know the exact amount you need to pay. After paying please provide the library with your receipt or receipt number and amount paid so the fine can be removed from your record. Need help?

Having difficulty paying your fine?
Please discuss your fine with us. In most cases, we can organise mutually acceptable payment arrangements.
For example:

  • A short term deferment of the payment of a fine
  • Payment of fines by fortnightly instalments

These options allow you to continue borrowing while paying off your fine.
Also in certain circumstances there may be grounds for reducing your fine.
Talk to us in person in your library, by phone or email us.

Please remember items need to be renewed or returned by the due date. Fines for overdue items do apply.

It is your responsibility to note the due date and return items on time. You are responsible for all items issued using your ID card, unless you advised us that you lost your ID card, prior to the date items were borrowed.

Removing library items without having them issued, and damaging library items are treated as serious offences. Ordinance 79 (Library Ordinance) (PDF 22.7KB) , Ordinance 9 (Student Discipline) (PDF 69.3KB) and Rule 101 (Library Rules) (PDF 46.9KB) apply.

  • All library notices are sent to your UTAS e-mail address.  Library notices we e-mail you include reminder notices, overdue notices and accounts/tax invoices for lost items.
    Please note: We cannot guarantee you will receive library notices if you have forwarded your university email.
    We strongly recommend against forwarding university email to external addresses.
  • If you are a Non-UTAS Borrower, we e-mail library notices to the e-mail address you supply when joining us.

You will receive at least 4 overdue notices before an account/tax invoice is sent.

  • Accounts/tax invoices for Reserve items are e-mailed after the item is 7 days overdue.
  • Accounts/tax invoices for 3 day loan items are e-mailed after the item is 14 days overdue.
  • Accounts/tax invoices for Low demand items are e-mailed after the item is 28 days overdue.
  • Ask us when you are in the library
  • Phone us:
    • within Tasmania +61 3 1300 304 903 and press 3 (local call cost)
    • from interstate +61 3 6226 2600 and press 3
  • Email us at AskUs