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University Libraries in Australia and New Zealand

If you are studying or working at UTAS while living in, or visiting, any state of Australia other than Tasmania or Victoria, then you are eligible to become a member of a large number of university libraries via a national borrowing program called University Libraries Australia and New Zealand.

List of libraries that you are eligible to join through this program.

How do I apply for the program?

Take your UTAS ID card (or another form of photo ID plus proof of enrolment or employment with UTAS) to the library or libraries that you wish to join. If you are applying to join a library outside of business hours it is advisable to ring the library first to ensure that you can join after hours.

If you wish to join libraries in several different institutions you will need to join up with each one individually. Registration with each library is on an annual basis.

Each library will have its own rules and conditions so you will need to become familiar with these. Some libraries may charge a $50 registration fee per year.

More information regarding registration and borrowing can be found at University Libraries Australia and New Zealand.

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