Australian Maritime College

The Australian Maritime College opened in 1980 in northern Tasmania to provide training for Australia's merchant navy and fishing industry. Closely attentive to demand, it extended its scope to cover the whole maritime sector, its work ranging from short certificate and refresher courses to degree and postgraduate study, and much research. From 1985 a commercial arm co-ordinated and marketed short courses and consultancy work, and in 1997 College operation was extended to Singapore through distance education.

Many students come from around the world, particularly Asia and the Pacific region. At Beauty Point the College offers degree programmes in fisheries and the marine environment and practical courses through its seamanship training centre. From the early 1990s the College retained its autonomy despite pressure to amalgamate with the University of Tasmania, but in 2006 amalgamation was agreed on. During negotiations the College was able to retain its name, identity, logo and some autonomy.

Further reading: A Alexander, The history of the Australian Maritime College, Launceston, 1994.

Alison Alexander