Joseph Bidencope

Joseph Bidencope advertises, 1900 (AOT, PH30/1/2380)

Joseph Bidencope (18371915), tailor, was born in Poland, the son of a tailor, and lived in England before emigrating to Tasmania in 1857. He was employed as a tailor in Hobart, and soon opened his own business. Bidencope's became well-known for general fashions, and was patronised by Hobart's elite. The firm also made military and other uniforms for the Tasmanian government. Hats were made at a factory in Battery Point from felt imported from England, and later from rabbit skins. They were sold throughout Tasmania and in Sydney.

Joseph Bidencope had nine children from two marriages, and the garden of the family home, Barton Vale at Knocklofty, was considered a showpiece. Bidencope passed the business on to his sons, and it remained in the family for several generations.

Irene Schaffer