Matthew Brady

James McCabe, Matthew Brady and Patrick Bryant, 1826 (AOT, PH30/1/4144)

Matthew Brady (17991826), bushranger, was born of Irish parents in England, and in 1820 was transported to Van Diemen's Land for stealing. In 1822 he was sent to Macquarie Harbour for trying to escape. In 1824, with other convicts, Brady stole a boat and sailed to Frederick Henry Bay. The gang soon commenced robbing homesteads and engaging in shootouts with soldiers, police and settlers. In November 1825 the Brady gang raided Sorell, capturing all the soldiers and wounding Lieutenant Gunn, their leader. Brady was finally betrayed by a police spy, and was shot and later captured by John Batman. He pleaded guilty to murder and was hanged.

Further reading: R Minchin, Banditti, beware! Bushranging with Brady in old Van Diemen's Land, Hobart, 2000.

Robert Minchin