Corrick Family

Poster advertising the 'Marvellous Corrick Family', 1914 (Tasmaniana Library, SLT)

The Corrick Family were talented vocalists, instrumentalists and entertainers from Christchurch. Albert Corrick, his wife Sarah, five of their seven daughters and their son commenced touring New Zealand in 1900, followed by a lengthy tour of all Australian states from 1902. Films were a feature of their programme: son Leonard was projectionist. Immensely popular, the family (now including six daughters) embarked on an overseas tour in 1907, performing in Ceylon, India, Burma, Malaya, Sumatra and London. On their return to Australia in 1909 they again toured the states, with the youngest daughter joining the troupe in 1912. Most members settled in Launceston in 1915, where they enriched the city's musical life. The Corrick family's final performance was at Launceston's Albert Hall in 1932.

Further reading: S Foster, 'The Corrick family and early cinema in Tasmania', THRAPP 45/1, 1998; QVMAG guide to the Corrick Family Records, CHS 70.

Barbara Valentine