William Thomas Napier Champ

WTN Champ (AOT, PH30/1/470)

William Thomas Napier Champ (180892), soldier, public servant and politician, was born in Essex. Lieutenant Champ arrived with his regiment in 1829 and took part in the 1830 'Black Line'. Leaving the army, he began his long career as a public servant in 1836, initially as assistant police magistrate at Hobart. He reorganised the Caveat Board dealing with land grants; succeeded O'Hara Booth as commandant at Port Arthur; was Colonial Secretary and Registrar of records; and a member of the Executive Council.

Champ became the first Premier of Tasmania after he was elected as one of the members for Launceston in the new House of Assembly in 1856, but had no liking for politics and his ministry was short-lived. In 1857, Champ moved to Victoria where he became inspector-general of penal establishments.

Further reading: ADB 3.

Wendy Rimon