Peter Dombrovskis

Peter Dombrovskis, Morning Mist, Rock Island Bend, Franklin River, Tasmania, 1979
(National Library of Australia, an6631500)

Peter Herbert Dombrovskis (1945–96), photographer, was the first Australian to be inducted into the International Photography Hall of Fame in Oklahoma, USA. Peter's photograph of Rock Island Bend was instrumental in the Australian High Court decision not to dam the Franklin River.

Peter was born of Latvian parents in a refugee camp in Germany. He emigrated to Australia in 1950 with his mother, and was educated in Hobart. Strongly influenced by Lithuanian–Australian conservationist and photographer Olegas Truchanas, he started taking photographs in the 1960s, and became a keen plantsman, gardener and environmentalist. His work has been published in the form of calendars, books and cards, and continues. His photographs are held in international, national, state and private collections. Peter died while photographing in south-west Tasmania.

Further reading: P Dombrovskis, Wild rivers, Hobart, 1983; A photographic collection, Hobart, 1998; On the Mountain, Hobart, 1996; and In the forest, Hobart, 2001.

Liz Dombrovskis