Edmund Dwyer-Gray

Edmund Dwyer-Gray (AOT, PH30/1/5122)

Edmund John Chisholm Dwyer-Gray (18701945), politician, journalist and grandson of reformer Caroline Chisholm, was born in Ireland, and was also the grandson of Daniel O'Connell's lieutenant and Freeman's Journal owner, Sir John Gray. Dwyer-Gray in 1891 helped to destroy CS Parnell by reversing the policy of Freeman's Journal.

Emigrating to Tasmania in 1898, he failed as a farmer, then edited the Labor newspapers Daily Post and subsequently the Voice. He supported voluntary recruitment in the First World War and self-determination for Ireland. Elected to parliament in 1928, Dwyer-Gray (hyphenated for the alphabetical donkey vote) combined Labor and Social Credit. He served as Treasurer under Albert Ogilvie from 1934 to 1939. Dwyer-Gray was Premier for six months in 1939 before reverting to Treasurer under Robert Cosgrove till his death.

Further reading: ADB 8.

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