Lucien Dechaineux

Florent Vincent Emile Lucien Dechaineux (18691957), artist, arrived in Sydney aged fifteen from Belgium. He worked as a house painter and architect and studied art at night, under Lucien Henry and Julian Ashton, becoming a conservative but confident and successful artist. From 1889 he taught at technical colleges: Sydney, Launceston (1895 to 1907) and Hobart (1908 to 1939), where he was also principal.

Dechaineux taught in a scientific, logical way, concentrating on design and colour, and tonal theory. He was also honorary curator at the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery. European travel in 1937 was reflected in the form and content of his later work. His sound and sincere work fits the visual arts of Australia between the two world wars. On retirement his studio was open to students, and his teaching and influence continued.

Further reading: J Holmes, Lucien Dechaineux, 18691957, Hobart, 1986.

Diane Foster