John Eldershaw

John Eldershaw's dwelling, a former mill at Richmond (AOT, PH30/1/4651)

John Roy Eldershaw (18921973), artist, was a landscape painter in watercolour. He studied in Sydney under Julian Ashton and at the JS Watkins School, then worked as an architect and became a full-time artist in 1919, receiving a commission to paint Australian landscape for a year. His work was exhibited in Sydney, then he moved to Tasmania, lived in a renovated old mill in Richmond, and was vice-president of the Art Society. In 1927 he studied in London, Southampton and Paris and travelled in Europe, and on returning to Australia, was elected president of the Australian Watercolour Institute. He won many prizes and commissions, some from royalty. From 1920 he held yearly exhibitions and joint commissions until his death. He is represented in all Australian capital city and regional galleries and overseas.

Patricia Giles