Errol Flynn

Errol Leslie Thomson Flynn (190959), Hollywood movie star, was born in Hobart to Marelle and Theodore Flynn. His father's work as a zoologist often took the family away for extended periods with Errol attending numerous schools in Hobart, Sydney and in England.

After many jobs Errol drifted into acting with his first role as Fletcher Christian in In the Wake of the Bounty (1933), filmed in Sydney. By 1935 he had moved to Hollywood and became a celebrated star when he featured in Captain Blood. He starred in 55 films. From his three marriages he fathered a son and three daughters. Despite a tarnished movie star image, created by a private life of divorces, alcohol and sex scandals, he is affectionately remembered as the handsome Hollywood swashbuckler.

Further reading: D Norman, Errol Flynn, Hobart, 1981.

Lynn Davies