Raymond Ferrall

Raymond Alfred Ferrall (19062000), businessman and community leader, was a 'swampy' from Invermay. After education at Launceston Grammar, he became a journalist, then a commercial traveller with his father's grocery business, which he developed into the successful Four Roses wholesaler.

Extremely able and energetic, a man who 'never lost an opportunity of striking out in all directions' and was devoted to promoting Launceston, he served ably on many boards, including the Launceston Gas Company, Launceston Marine Board, Launceston Bank for Savings, Examiner Northern Tasmania, Boags, Gunns, Quintex and the Hydro-Electric Commission. His interests varied from barracouta canning to vegetable dehydration, motels and aged care, and he led the Tasmanian College for Advanced Education after its move to Launceston. Ferrall wrote seven books including his autobiography, and was knighted in 1982.

Further reading: R Ferrall, 90 years on, Launceston, 1995.

Alison Alexander