Lindy Goggin

Lindsey Gaye (Lindy) Goggin (b 1949), golfer, was born in Launceston. From the age of twenty, Lindy played off scratch and became the lowest handicapped golfer in the world in 1976, playing from plus four. Her record marks her as the state's greatest female golfer: Tasmanian Champion nineteen times during the period 196791, continuous state representative 196793, winner of the Australian Title three times, and Victorian Title winner on four occasions. In 1976 she won the first Australian PGA title. These individual successes led to Australian selection each year from 1970 to 1988. Her international record includes five Tasman Cups, three Espirito Santo Trophy Tournaments and three commonwealth series matches, and she was the leading individual player in 1981 for the prestigious Queen Sirikit Trophy. Her son Mathew is a professional golfer.

Further reading: J Stoward, Tasmanians, Hobart, 1998.

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