Garfield Haslock

Garfield Haslock (192182), architect, was born in Devonport and began his career there as an apprentice joiner. On his entry to architecture in the Hobart offices of Philp & Wilson, despite not having travelled overseas because of the Second World War, he quickly became a noted young designer for such projects as the Hobart Repatriation Hospital (194344). However it was his house designs, initially for Philp's firm but soon for his own practice, such as the now unfortunately altered 6A Poets Road (1946) in West Hobart, which earned his reputation as Tasmania's first post-war contemporary architect. His own firm with various partners quickly established a flourishing practice and continues today as BPSM Architects.

Of Haslock's later projects, the award-winning Devonport Ferry Terminal (1955) and his own house at Tarleton (1951), where he lived whilst conducting the north-west office of the practice, are the most significant. He somewhat surprisingly retired from architecture in 1963 to pursue various business interests, and later moved to Victoria for the remainder of his life.

Further reading: B McNeill & L Woolley, Architecture from the edge, Hobart, 2002; T Barwick, 'Garfield Haslock', Tasmanian Architect, Journal of Tasmanian Chapter RAIA, February 1965.

Barry McNeill