Michael Howe

Michael Howe (17871818), bushranger, born in Yorkshire, became a sailor then a highwayman and was transported to Van Diemen's Land in 1812. He soon absconded and joined a gang of bushrangers. In 1814 Governor Macquarie promised a pardon to those who surrendered and Howe 'came in', but soon returned to the bush. Accompanied by an Aboriginal woman, 'Black Mary', he continued to rob settlers, but other bushrangers soon became suspicious of him because of his frequent disappearances. In 1817 Howe again 'came in' and helped soldiers search for bushrangers, with no result, and he again escaped. Bushrangers then captured him for the reward but he escaped. He was finally caught in 1818 and battered to death by a soldier and a convict.

Further reading: T Wells, Michael Howe, London, 1824.

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