Incat is a privately owned company, the culmination of three decades of business activity in the ferry industry. The extensive shipbuilding facility is located at Prince of Wales Bay in Hobart. The company was formed in 1978, when Robert Clifford further developed his ferry-building activity. This had been particularly spurred on by the Tasman Bridge collapse, after which faster ferries were needed. Today Incat is an innovator and builder of wave-piercing catamarans, a globally recognised naval architectural design, noted for speed and efficiency. Incat has built more than fifty vessels, around 40 percent of the world's large-capacity, high-speed, passenger and vehicular ferry fleet. Military use is also increasing, with HMAS Jervis Bay with the Australian navy, and three vessels used by the American army, navy and coastguard service.

Further reading: R Clifford, Incat, Melbourne, 1998.

Justin Merrigan