Launceston Fifty Thousand League

Launceston in about 1926 (AOT, PH30/1/9917)

The Launceston Fifty Thousand League was a non-political, non-sectarian booster organisation established in Launceston in 1926 by leading citizens. Its goal was to boost Launceston's population to 50,000 and promote the growth and development of Launceston specifically and Tasmania generally. It was governed by a council and executive and met weekly to hear guest speakers enthuse and stimulate members.

Over 28 years the League promoted tourism, advocated the preservation of trees, sponsored garden competitions, encouraged citizens to produce and buy locally, co-ordinated exhibitions and carnivals, encouraged industry, sponsored new settlers and stimulated civic pride. It saw the goal implicit in its name realised in 1954, and that year was superseded by the Northern Tasmanian Development League.

Further reading: S Harris, 'Selling Tasmania', PhD thesis, UT, 1993.

Marian Walker