Launceston's Government Cottage

Launceston's Government Cottage was erected by William Paterson in about 1807 on what is now the south-eastern section of City Park. It served as the official residence in the north and was at times utilised for purposes outside its official function; for example, in 1836 George Arthur approved it as accommodation for the female immigrants from the Amelia Thompson, and in 1838 Sir John Franklin lent the premises to the Launceston Horticultural Society for their exhibitions. In 1848 it was rented to the Rev John Yarker, the first of a succession of tenants. Despite attempts to have the building renovated or renewed, Government Cottage remained a rental property until 1885 when it was handed over to the Launceston Municipal Council. The buildings, much dilapidated, were demolished and the land amalgamated into the park.

Lynette Ross