Lyne Family

The Lyne family, William, Sarah and five children, arrived in Hobart in 1826, and received a 1500-acre land grant on the east coast, named Apsley (later Apslawn). Gradually their stock of sheep and cattle increased, despite problems with lack of water and fear of Aborigines. Their son John continued at Apslawn, and his eldest son Sir William Lyne became Premier of New South Wales and a member of the first federal cabinet. Apslawn passed out of the family, with some family members acquiring farming land along the east coast, and another of John's sons, Carmichael, acquired the property Riccarton at Campbell Town. His son Crosby turned Riccarton into a top wheat-producing property, was warden of Campbell Town, and a keen horse enthusiast. Descendants still own Riccarton.

Over almost two centuries, the Lyne family have not only been prominent pastoralists, but have provided federal, state and local politicians, and leaders in agricultural activities ranging from the Tasmanian Farmers, Stockowners and Orchardists Association to Landcare.

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Judith Lyne