Northern Tasmanian Home for Boys

The Northern Tasmanian Home for Boys opened in 1921 at Glenara, Franklin Village, near Launceston. The intention of the committee of Launceston citizens who purchased the property was to establish a home, as opposed to an institution or training school. Conducted by a board of management, the non-sectarian Home received wonderful community support. Products from the Home's small farm made a major contribution to running costs. Prior to 1946 nearly all boys were wards of the state; after that date boys were also admitted by private arrangement.

By the 1970s changing social welfare policy favoured placing children in family environments. In 1973 the name was changed to Glenara Childrens Homes. Girls were admitted and some children accommodated in two purpose-built cottages. However declining numbers led to the Homes' closure in 1982. (See also Children's Homes.)

Further reading: QVMAG guide to Northern Tasmanian Home for Boys Records, CHS 79.

Barbara Valentine