Ritchie Milling Dynasty

The mill at Scone (AOT, PH30/1/1150)

The Ritchie milling dynasty began with Thomas Ritchie, who by 1834 had built a flourmill at Scone, near Perth. Sons Thomas, John and George were involved with milling in Longford, but it was David who turned Scone Mill into one of the leading mills in Tasmania, producing high standard flour as well as most of Tasmania's oatmeal. Following the 1870 loss of the mill to fire, he moved into Launceston, buying the Cataract Mill in 1876. Ritchie was the first Tasmanian miller, in April 1889, to convert from stones to a complete roller mill, and in 1910 D Ritchie & Son built Tasmania's first concrete grain silos. The comparatively small mill continued operating until bought by Monds & Affleck in 1973 and closed.

Further reading: J Cassidy & K Preston, Thematic study of the Tasmanian flour milling industry, Launceston, 2000; ADB 2 and 6.

Jill Cassidy