John Soundy

John Soundy, left, playing bowls (AOT, PH30/1/5835)

John Soundy (18781960), businessman and politician, was born in Dorset, and arrived in Hobart in 1883. In 1911 he took charge of the Hobart family drapery business of JT Soundy Pty Ltd. A most capable man, Soundy participated widely in public affairs: in the Hobart City Council for 26 years, mayor for thirteen years, and, as a member of the National Party, in parliament, the House of Assembly (Denison) 192546, and the Legislative Council (Hobart) 194652.

John Soundy (Parliament of Tasmania)

Knighted in 1954, Sir John was a devout Baptist churchman, a patriot and a sportsman. He never courted popularity at the expense of doing what he thought right, and was fearless in espousing causes in which he believed. He was widely admired and respected, with his integrity, humanity and 'Christian example' frequently praised.

Laurie Rowston