St Michael's Collegiate School

St Michael's Collegiate School, about 1940 (AOT, PH30/1/4642)

St Michael's Collegiate School was founded in 1892, at the invitation of the Bishop of Tasmania, Bishop Montgomery, by an Anglican religious order, the Sisters of the Church, which drew its leadership and teachers initially from England. Their aim was to 'afford a thoroughly good education' for girls. The life of the School is anchored in its Christian foundation. A secular Board of Management took over the administration of the School from the Sisters in 1974. The School has expanded on to several campuses, although Collegiate is essentially a city school. By the 1990s the School was educating just over 1000 students from Kindergarten to Year 12.

The School has sought to provide a diverse and rigorous academic programme as well as extensive extracurricular opportunities in sport, public speaking, community service, music and the performing arts. It remains committed to equip young women to participate fully in the widest possible roles in society.

Further reading: G Stephens, Collegiate, Hobart, 1992.

Julie Rimes