Thomas Family

Jocelyn Henry Connor Thomas (1780–1862) and his brother Captain Bartholomew Boyle Thomas (1785–1831) were Anglo–Irish gentry who emigrated after a land-reclamation venture failed. Jocelyn arrived in 1824. He acquired Everton at Evandale and Milford at Conara, intending to farm, but was appointed (1824) to Arthur's Executive Council, becoming Colonial Treasurer.

Bartholomew arrived in 1826 with quality bloodstock including Australia's first Hereford cattle. He initiated the Cressy Company and pioneered its 20,000-acre operation, but resigned 1828 to establish North Down, an isolated but attractive holding west of Port Sorell, where he was killed by Aborigines in 1831. His nephews succeeded him.

Jocelyn was held accountable for treasury deficiencies in 1832, and was dismissed. He retired to Milford and later North Down. His second son Bat pioneered the Mersey district (Appledore), 1854. Descendants include Daniel Thomas, inaugural Curator of Australian Art, National Gallery of Australia, 1978, and Archbishop Sir Marcus Loane of Sydney Diocese. Jocelyn's descendants still own North Down.

Further reading: H Thomas, Sam Thomas and his neighbours, Latrobe, 1975; H Felton, From commissariat to treasury, Hobart, 2004.

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