Toc H

Toc H is an international non-sectarian social service movement begun by the British during the First World War. It commenced in Tasmania in 1925, with visits to the Repatriation Hospital and an outing for boys from the Kennerley Home. Soon there were many branches among local communities. Toc H was particularly active during the Depression, establishing a youth club, a mothers' and girls' club to train females for service and make articles of clothing for the unemployed, a registry service for girls seeking work, and a lounge for unmarried females. Toc H initiated many community services including the blood transfusion service operated by Red Cross, and Parents Without Partners.

Although Toc H remains quite strong on the mainland, Tasmanian activities are now limited, due to an ageing membership.

Further reading: L Altschwager, The first sixty years, Adelaide, 1985.

Wendy Rimon