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Acceptable use for online databases & eJournals

When using any database, electronic resource or other resource provided for your use by the University Library you must comply with the licence conditions that apply to the resource. The licence conditions may be shown on the database web site. Look for a link called "Acceptable use", "Conditions of use" or "Copyright". Licence conditions may also be shown on an article that you save or print from a database or online journal.

Who can use a library database?

The databases and online resources listed in the Library's catalogue and on the Library's web site may be used by currently enrolled UTAS students and staff to support teaching, learning and research at the University of Tasmania. Some databases may also be used in the campus libraries by visitors and other registered borrowers from specific PC's only.

How can you use the databases and online journals?

It is usually ok to....

  • print, save, or email a reasonable number of articles or a reasonable amount of other information
  • make and use a copy for your personal teaching, learning and research at UTAS
  • share a copy with other staff and students at UTAS
  • make a link to an article in a database

It is usually NOT ok to....

  • make an excessive number of copies from the same journal or database
  • make multiple copies of the same article to use as class handouts or in coursepacks
  • do any sort of systematic copying such as making a copy of every article in an issue of an online journal or making a copy of an entire online book
  • make a copy for use outside UTAS
  • use a resource for profit or commercial purposes
  • share a copy with people who are not staff or students of UTAS
  • make an electronic copy of a database article and post it online

These are just examples. In some cases a database or journal licence may allow you to do more things and in other cases a licence may be more restrictive. Ask a Librarian, contact the Copyright Officer or phone +61 3 62262207 if you need advice. For more information see the University Library Acceptable Use Policy (PDF 71.1KB)