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Library Glossary


2D Graphic
A term used in the catalogue to describe visual artworks such as prints or posters.
3D Object
Physical items in the Library's collection such as laptops or earphones
3 Day Loan Collection
The 3 Day Loan Collection are items in high demand. They have a label on the spine of the book with the words THREE DAY LOAN


A summary of an article or paper, often appearing at the beginning of the paper. An abstract field may also be available in some indexes
See EZProxy
A term used in the catalogue to indicate that a Library item is currently available for loan


Call Number
A unique series of letters and numbers assigned to individual titles in the library collection to identify the subject, location and order of the item on the shelf. The call number label is usually located on the spine of a book
See Reference
The curriculum collection is especially useful for education students during practical placements. The collection includes books (fiction and non- fiction), kits and other resources


Due Date
This is the date the item you have on loan is due to be returned to the Library


EndNote (software)
EndNote is the industry standard software tool for publishing and managing bibliographies, citations and references
Software used by the University to allow students and staff to access online resources using your UTAS email username and password


Folio / eFolio
Collections within the library that contain books that are significantly larger than books in the main part of the collection


When referring to a specific Library location or collection, this refers to the total of all materials held. When referring to a specific item, this refers to the copies owned by the Library


In cataloguing
Item has been acquired for the Library's Collection but is still being processed through our Cataloguing system to prepare it to make it available for borrowing
In transit
Item is currently being transferred between library locations
An ISBN (International Standard Book Number) is a unique number assigned to a book title by its publisher. The ISSN (International Standard Serial Number) is a unique number assigned to serials/periodicals/journals. These numbers are used for identification purposes
Refers to any physical object in the library collection, ie book, DVD, journal, etc


Lib Use Only
Item which can only be used in the Library
Library Resources
Refers to items in the library collection (print & electronic).  It can also refer to subject guides and online tutorials developed by the library
Lost and Billed
An overdue item has been marked as lost and the Library user responsible has been sent a bill for the item. It is no longer available for borrowing


An unpublished printed or hand-written work
Manuscript Map
An unpublished visual representation of a specific area
Manuscript Music
An unpublished written representation of a musical composition
Photographically reduced images reproduced on a small 4 x 6 sheets of film
A generic definition for any medium bearing microimages, for example: microfiche or microfilm
A Library item cannot be found in the Library's collection and is not currently available for loan
My Library Account
Online account where you can manage your borrowing record. You can check when items you have borrowed are due for return, renew items, check any hold requests or bookings you may have, modify your email address for Library notices, and more
Music Recording
An audio recording of a musical composition. CD's are primarily used to contain this format
Music Score
A published written or printed representation of a musical composition


Newly Acquired
Items received by the Library but have not been fully processed. You can place a request on these items


On Holdshelf
Item has been placed on hold for a Library user. It is not available for other Library users to borrow at this time
On Loan
A library item which has been loaned out. The due date will show when the item is due to be returned
On Order
A new item has been ordered for the Collection but has not yet been received by the Library
Online Video/Streaming Online
Digital video content available online
A loan that has not been returned to the library or renewed by the due date. The status of your loans can be checked online on your library record or in My Library Account


Pickup Location
When a requested item is available, you will be able to collect it from the specified library
Printed Map
A published visual representation of a specific area
An item which is very close to being available for general use but still requires some minor processing. You can place a request on these items


Reading Lists
Provide direct access to electronic readings and an easy way to find material on Reserve for a particular unit
A recall occurs when another borrower places a request for an item you currently have on loan. You will be notified by email if the loan period is reduced
Recently Returned
The item has been recently returned by its previous borrower. It is being processed and will soon be available for loan. See Sorting shelves
The collection includes a wide variety of dictionaries, encyclopaedias, handbooks plus other resources that support research
References can also be called citations and are listed in a bibliography or reference list found at the end of a publication. References normally include author, title, place of publication, publisher and year, if the item is a book. If an article, it includes author, title of article, title of periodical, volume, page and date
To extend the loan period of a Library item that you have borrowed
You may request items that are 'on loan' or available in other University of Tasmania libraries


Sorting Shelves
Recently returned items or items that have been have been used in the library are placed on sorting shelves before they are shelved to their correct location. Check these shelves if you can't find an item that the catalogue shows as available
Spoken Recording
An audio recording of one or more persons speaking


A thesis (can also be known as a dissertation) is a lengthy research work written to test a theory or proposition. The plural of thesis is theses