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Australian Bureau of Statistics

Australian Bureau of Statistics manages data sourced from census and surveys.     
The website contains lots of useful information and assistance but can be hard to navigate.

image of the home page of the Australian Bureau of Statistics

The services link on the ABS homepage takes you through to a useful page where you can find the link to the Registration Centre. Users need to register individually due to the confidential nature of the data. 

image of the ABS Services web page

There are two different registration types

  • Registration to use Census  data, TableBuilder and datapacks products for 2006 and 2011 Census data


image of registration screen from the ABS website


  • Registration to use CURFs Microdata CURFs on CD ROM or RADL

image of the Micro data entry page from the ABS website


What is a CURF?
A Confidentialised Unit Record File (CURF) is a file of responses to ABS surveys or censuses that have had specific identifying information about persons and organisations confidentialised. CURFs contain the most detailed information available from the ABS.
CURFs are available on CD-ROM for Basic CURFs or via the Remote Access Data Laboratory (RADL) for Expanded CURFs. Not all CURFs are available in both formats
Information on using CURFs is available from the CURF User – tool kit webpage

image of the CURF user Tool Kit page from the ABS website

Tablebuilder is an online tool for creating tables and graphs using detailed ABS Microdata Clients can build, customise, save and export their own tables and graphs in TableBuilder.

image of the TableBuilder page from the ABS website

How to register as a user under an Organisational Licence

image for how to apply for microdata page from the ABS website

Step 1: Register
Click on the Register link on the left navigation menu.
On the Registration page, provide the following details:

  • email address
  • title
  • surname
  • first name
  • phone number
  • address
  • postcode
  • secret question
  • secret answer

You will also need to provide a password. Your password must be a minimum of seven characters and must contain three of the following four items: a number

  • a lower case letter
  • an upper case letter
  • a special character (!@#$%? are allowed)

Step 2: Activate account
Once you have submitted your details, you will receive an email with your user ID.
Follow the link in the email to activate your account (this needs to be done within 30 days of submitting the request).
Enter your password and the user ID provided in your email and click the Next button.

Step 3: Choose a licence type
Select 'I want to register as part of an organisation' and click the Submit button.
Select your organisation from the list and click Join.
You will receive an email confirming that you have requested to join an organisation.
Once the Contact Officer has reviewed your request they will either approve or decline your request. If your request to join the organisation is declined, you will be sent an email providing a reason.

Step 4: Select products
If your request to join the organisation is approved, you will receive a confirmation email which will include a link to log in to the My account page.
Click the My account link in the email notification and log in to your account. Select the 'Organisation products' tab to request access to available products. Your request will be submitted to your organisation's Contact Officers for approval.
Once a Contact Officer has reviewed your request, they will either approve or decline it.