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Image of the cover of Quaker Life in Tasmania by Michael Bennett

Quaker life in Tasmania: the first hundred years by Michael Bennett

 ISBN I 86295 367 8

Quaker life in Tasmania: the first hundred years is an engagingly written and beautifully illustrated history of the Friends in Tasmania. From 1832, with the arrival of the first missionaries in Hobart and the establishment of the first Meeting, the Quakers have made a disproportionate contribution to Tasmanian life and welfare. Their witness against the brutal treatment of Aborigines and convicts, and their enterprise and philanthropy, played a considerable role in Tasmania's evolution from a vice-ridden penal settlement to a self-reliant and humane society. This is the fascinating story of remarkable women and men whose values, commitment and service remain an inspiration and living force in contemporary Tasmania. The book has sixty-four pages, six in full colour with over100 pictures of items selected from the collections of the Religious Society of Friends' Meeting House, the Friends' School, the University of Tasmania Library Special and Rare Collections, and private owners. An exhibition featuring many of these items was held at the University Library. Michael Bennett is Professor of History-; University of Tasmania, and the author of four books and many articles on British and Australian history.

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Image of the cover of From Manuscript to Print by Rodney Thomson

From manuscript to print by Rodney Thomson

ISBN 978 1 86295 483 0

From manuscript to print provides a description of all western manuscripts and early printed books to 1600 held in the University of Tasmania Library, the State Library of Tasmania and St. David's Cathedral, Hobart. It is also the catalogue of an exhibition displaying many of these items held at the University Library, December 2008- January 2009.

The book has one hundred and twenty eight pages, in full colour, with over 270 illustrations. Rodney Thomson is Professor of Medieval History in the School of History & Classics, University of Tasmania. He is the author of many books and papers on medieval books and learning, including descriptive catalogues of the manuscripts at Lincoln, Hereford and Worcester Cathedrals, and Merton College Oxford.

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