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Royal Society of Tasmania A-Z Index

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Online version

Aboriginal Settlements (PDF 33.6KB) - Furneaux Islands

Aboriginal Vocabulary (microfilm AOT)


Aborigines -See special Collections IndexView Item

Aborigines- proclamation to

Agnew, JW

Allport, Morton - Tasmanian FishView item

Antarctic Expedition 1929

Architectural Plans


Backhouse, James and George Washington Walker

Backhouse, James - Correspondence 1831-1838

Barnard Family Papers 1813-1901

Beattie, John Watt - Personal papers

Beattie, John Watt - Photographer

Beaumont, John 

Belbin, JamesView items

Birds of Tasmania

Bishopric of Calcutta 1814

Blackmore, RD

Bonaparte, Napoleon 1815

Booth, Charles O'Hara Captain  - Code of Signals

Bothwell Papers

Boyer, William  - letter to Shaw

Boyes, G.T.W.B. 1820 -1853  - Diaries and LettersView diaries

Boyes Papers

British Journals and Pamphlets c.1640-1800

Buckingham Rifles

Burn, David


Calder, James Erskine

Camouflage  (1940)

Carr, Percy E.O. -Mining report, 1905 - 1907

Castra Settlement

Clark, Ernest

Clark, John

Clark, William

Congregational Church

Convict and Legal Material - miscellaneousView Item

Colenso, William

Cook Bicentenary

Cotton, Francis (PDF 11.8KB)

Cox, FH

Crouch, Thomas James


Deeds relating to land in England 1352-1560

Denison, William

Derwent Bank and Swanston Letter Books

Derwent River - expedition to the source

Devon Permanent Committee

Derwent Star and Van Diemen's Land Intelligencer 3rd April 1810

Dodds, John Stokell 1848-1914


Exhibition Awards and Melbourne Exhibition Plan

Expedition to the Source of the Derwent - George Frankland


Fergusson, Joshua - Captain of Brig "Jupiter"


Fishes of Tasmania 1890-1930

Frankland, George

Franklin - Sir John and Lady Franklin Papers

Franklin Papers

Franklin Papers - Miscellaneous

Furneaux Islands Aboriginal Settlements (PDF 31.8KB)


Grant to Henry Hayes

Gatehouse Family

Giblin Letters

Giblin, Ronald Worthy


Gold Diggings - Victoria

Goodfellow, Charles

Graves, John Woodcock

Gunn, William


Hall, Edward Swarbreck - Medical and Vital Statistics 1856

Harris, William (Harrison)

Harrisson, Peter - c1791-1869View items

Hayes Family

Hayes, Henry

Hayes, Henry - Land grant to

Henslowe, Francis Hartwell

Historic English Newspapers - 18th & 19th Centuries

Historical Notes - See Special Collections Index

Historical Notes (PDF 11.8KB) See special Collections Index

Hobart Maternal and Dorcas Society

Hobart Rating List

Hobart Town Turkish Bath Co Pty Ltd 1866-92

Hobart- views

Hookey, Henry Jacob

Hortin, Eric Dudley BabingtonView items

Hotels, Hobart (PDF 19.8)

Hudspeth, John Maule - Diaries View items

Hudspeth, Thomas - DiariesView

Hudspeth, Wilfred Hughes

Hull Family of Glenorchy

Hurst, Wiliam Nevin I.S.O. - Papers


Ingle, John - lettersView item

Irish Exiles

Irish Exiles 1851 - 1859


"Jupiter" - Log of the Brig, 1816 -1817


Kelly, JamesView item

Kenmore and Largebaan Estates

Kew 1808

Key list of Tasmanian Birds, Parker and Morton

Knopwood, Robert - Diaries

Knopwood, Robert - Diaries - Mitchell Library

Knopwood, Robert LettersView item

Knopwood, Robert - Miscellaneous Papers

Knopwood, Robert - Sermons


Largebaan and Kenmore Estates

Launceston and Western Railway

Log of the Brig "Jupiter" 1816 -1817

Lord, Edward

Loring, John

Lyttleton, William


MacArthur, Archibald (d.1847)

Macquarie Harbour Reports and returns 1846-1847

Marriage Affidavits - Presbyterian Church

Martin, George

Martin, John

Mather, Robert (d.1847)

Medical and Vital Statistics 1856 - Edward Swarbreck Hall View item

Meredith, Charles

Meredith, George - Diary and Letters 1821

Meredith, George - Papers

Military Training

Mining Engineering Drawings

Mining report, 1905 - 1907 - Percy E O Carr

Miscellaneous Items

Miscellaneous Manuscripts

Miscellaneous Manuscripts -Tasmanian Museum: See special Collections Index

Miscellaneous Newspapers : See special Collections Index

Miscellaneous Newspapers : See special Collections Index

Miscellaneous Newspapers

Miscellaneous Papers - Harrison bequest

Miscellaneous Tasmanian Newspapers

Mitchell Family of Lisdillon - Diaries and scrapbooks of Sarah MitchellView items

Molesworth, Jeffery

Montagu-Frankin Correspondence

Montagu-Stephen Dispute

Mount Bischoff Tin Mining Co c.1890-1900


Napoleon Bonaparte 1815

National Trust Acts (UK)

Newspaper cuttings

Norfolk Island Journal 1855-1856 (PDF 14.9KB)View item

Norfolk Island (PDF 39.2KB) -See Special Collections IndexView item

Notes and Theatre Programs (PDF 14.8KB)



Oldham, Nathan - Papers

Orchestral Union  1866 - 1872


Owen, Richard Sir


Palace Theatre


Park Farm - Jericho (PDF47.4)

Paybooks of seamen (PDF 10.3KB)

Pearce, William Alfred

Pike, William (PDF 47.4KB) View item

Port Arthur

Port Arthur Plans

Proclamation to Aborigines


Public Notices 1814 - 1817



Railway - Launceston and Western

Reid, Owen

Richmond Police Magistrates Court and Court of Requests

Rodway, Leonard - Correspondence and botanical notes

Royal Society of Tasmania -Botanical GardensView item

Royal Society of Tasmania - correspondence

Royal Society of Tasmania - financial records

Royal Society of Tasmania - minutes

Royal Society of Tasmania - museum

Royal Society of Tasmania - register of Fellows and Members

Royal Warrants


Sales Particulars 1853 -1854

Salmon CommissionView item

Schooner, "Malcolm"

Shaw, MM - letter to William Boyer

Shipping 1803-1831

Shipping Insurance

Ships Log 1812 - 1815

Ships Log 1872 -1873

Smith, John of the Liverpool Mercury

St. David's Cemetery 1922 - record of tombstones

St. George's Society

St. Mary's Hospital, Hobart 1841 - 1862

Stokell Family Papers

Story, George Fordyce - Doctor (PDF18.4KB)

Swanston, Charles and Derwent Bank


Tasman Memorial 1923

Tasmanian Catholic Standard

Tasmanian FishView item

Tasmanian Insects - Tasmanian Museum

Tasmanian International Exhibition

Tasmanian Plants in the UK

Tasmanian SocietyView View

Taylor, George

Theatre Programs and Notes

Theatre Royal

Thomas, BJW (PDF 13.6KB)

Track Notes 1903 -1907 (PDF 18.9KB)



Victoria - gold diggings

Views of Hobart


Walker George Washington and James Backhouse

Walker, James Backhouse

Walker, John 1799-1874

Walker, William Captain

Walker family clippings and notes on F. Cotton, R.Mather, C. Meredith and others (PDF 14.1KB)

Waratah Weekly News, March - May 1881

Waterhouse Trading

Webster, Alexander George

Wilkinson, John (PDF 31.0KB)

Whick, HT  - musician