Tutorial: viewing summaries part 1

The summary plot shows outputs from weather-based models on the left and climate-based models in the middle. Species occupation area information on the right includes information from both models.

The Weather models predict habitat suitability at a specific time and place based on the weather experienced by a species at that place immediately before that time: the summary map shows the proportion of the time in a given time period that the species is expected to be present in each location.

The Climate models predict habitat suitability based on the overall climate of a particular time period, with the summary map showing whether the species is generally expected to be present during that time period.

The Area graph shows the total area expected to be occupied by the species over time in the past (black line) and for projected models in the future (red line) based on the weather model, along with linear trends of the same colour. Blue lines depict predictions based on the climate model over the relevant time periods.