Tutorial: viewing summaries part 2

The top row shows past distributions based on historical data (current) - for Weather, this uses weather data for 1950-2013 where observations are available; for Climate it uses average 1976-2005 climate conditions. 

The summaries also project to the future for both Weather (2013-2100) and Climate models (2070-2099 displayed) using six Global Circulation Models (GCMs). These represent different but equally valid modelled predictions of future climate, and are sourced from UK Hadley CM3 (ukhadcm3), MIROC 3.2 (miroc3_2_medres), GFDL CM20 and CM21 (gfdlcm20 and gfdlcm21), ECHAM 5 (echam5) and CSIRO Mk3.5 (Mk3.5).