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Maker X Burnie

Burnie Derby

We are super excited to bring the Burnie Derby to MakerX Burnie! This racing format is inspired by the US version, the Nerdy Derby and is a fantastic and fun event for everyone!

Feel free to make your car beforehand or you can make it on the day at MakerX. If you’re making a car to bring along you can find some cool Nerdy Derby design ideas below - or get creative with your own ideas. Some great ideas include recycled materials (e.g. skewers, straws, lids, cartons, fruit, wood!).

Please make sure that you design your model cars to fit the Burnie Derby Track dimensions (below) rather than the Nerdy Derby track as these differ slightly in dimensions.

Burnie Derby Track Dimensions:

  • Minimum inner wheel measurement - 38mm
  • Maximum outer wheel measurement - 70mm

A picture of the track cross section can be found here: Burnie Derby Track Cross Section (PDF 20.2 KB).

Lots of prizes will be awarded on the day, including:

  • Best in Show
  • Most Creative
  • Most Inventive
  • Fastest
  • Slowest
  • Best Team Effort
  • Most Spectacular Fall
  • Best Fruity Creation (fruit/veg construction!)
  • Best Recycled vehicle

We sincerely thank Fairbrother and Stubbs Constructions for their support in creating the Burnie Derby track.