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Maker X Burnie

MakerX Burnie Exhibitor Information

Please read this Exhibitor Information carefully as it contains important information that will help guide you through the process of applying and exhibiting at MakerX Burnie.

How to Apply

Step 1

  • Complete the Online Application Form.
  • After submitting your Application you'll receive a confirmation email acknowledging our receipt of your documentation.

Step 2

If you have any questions, please first refer to the FAQ section. If this does not provide an answer, please get in contact with the event coordinators.

Notification of application outcomes will be made by 28 July 2019.

Types of Exhibits

Please decide on which configuration/s best suit your requirements.

  1. Basic Area: (up to 9m²)
  2. Activity Area: (up to 25m²) - especially for hands-on, audience participation presentations
  3. Demonstration Workshop: (up to 50m²) - larger public workshop and corporate areas.
  4. Roaming Exhibits: Mingle through the crowd as you demonstrate what you make (Please advise if you require a home-base for this type of exhibit)
  5. AttractionA wonderful, unusual thing that doesn't fit in to any of the above categories

Exhibiting Areas


Suited to noisy/wet/fire/steam/messy exhibits. Located around the Burnie Arts and Function Centre (BAFC).

  • Grass or paved surfaces available.
  • Range of site sizes available
  • Access to power on request
  • Undercover and open spaces available


These spaces are located within the BAFC

  • Access to power on request
  • Range of site sizes available

Designing your Exhibit

It's important to create an exhibit that works for your style of presentation, one which is attractive and interesting for visitors. We highly recommend:

  1. Interactive components for your visitors
  2. Display your products, tools and equipment (if safe to do so)
  3. Recruit vibrant, friendly, professional support personnel to staff your presentation (where required)
  4. Exhibit working models or show video footage of your processes
  5. Bring samples, information sheets and by-products to hand-out to visitors
  6. Engage the senses by using light, colour, texture, movement, etc.
  7. Bring signs, banners and promotional materials
  8. If you are hosting events at set-times make sure you promote these times
  9. Cover trestle-tables with attractive covers/table-cloths
  10. Create child-friendly zones and displays at lower heights


Your safety, and the safety of event visitors is paramount. All applicants must familiarise themselves with the MakerX Participation Agreement (PDF 163.2 KB) which requires you to consider the risks associated with your type of presentation. Once you are sure you can meet the safety requirements, please sign the MaxerX Participation Agreement and return with your Maker Application.


It is your responsibility to ensure the safety and security of your exhibit and its components, visitors to your exhibit area, and your personnel.

If you or the organisation you are representing have appropriate insurance, please include details of this in the Participation Agreement Form.

If you or your organisation do not have appropriate insurance, you may apply for public liability cover with Burnie City Council's Community Liability Pack insurance for stallholders. You will need to indicate if you require insurance in the Participation Agreement Form and provide an adequate description of the products on your stall.

Bump-In & Bump-Out

  • Bump-in 1: Saturday 17 August, from 12 - 5:00pm - afterhours access is not available.
  • Bump-in 2: Sunday 18 August, 7am - 10:45am
  • Bump-out: No earlier than 3.15pm, all displays must be off-site by 5:30pm

We will provide you with more detailed logistical details, vehicle access points etc. closer to the event date.

Please bring everything you need to create your display on the day. The only infrastructure we provide is space/table/chairs, and access to electricity by request. Access to trolleys/ladders etc. will be limited. Please bring these with you if available.


  • We will provide each exhibitor with a branded event sign featuring your name, as per your application.

Please display these prominently in your presentation area. You are welcome to use your own signage as well (or instead).

Internet Connectivity

  • Wireless services are provided inside BAFC
  • Limited access to wireless services outside (available on request)
  • Limited access to hardwired connections (available on request)
  • Please advise if your activities could interfere with our wireless services

Tables & Chairs

  • We will provide a single, bare trestle-table (1770mm x 765mm) and two chairs unless otherwise specified in your application. Please ensure that any additional furniture/equipment you bring fits into your allocated space.

Sales Opportunities

  • Makers may be approved to sell their product at the event. We ask that this is identified with some further detail, as requested, within the Application Form. EFTPOS facilities will not be provided by MakerX.


  • If you require access to water please ensure the details of this are fully outlined in your application or contact us to discuss further.


  • Please provide an estimate of how many power outlets you require in your Application Form. Please also advise if your display will require anything beyond a standard outlet.
  • Access to 3 phase power supply may be available (on request).
  • It is a condition of entry that all electrical items used at BAFC are tested and tagged. This includes power tools, eftpos machines, electrical cables, lights etc.
  • A professional testing and tagging service will be available on the day of the event free of charge.
  1. How much does it cost to participate?
  2. Nothing! The event is free to register.

  3. Will I be able to sell my products?
  4. Yes. Please provide some detail regarding the products that you wish to sell in your Application Form.

  5. Will I be charged a commission on any sales?
  6. No.

  7. Will EFTPOS be provided?
  8. No.

  9. Will I require my own insurance coverage?
  10. It is preferable that you have your own Public Liability Insurance cover. If you do not, you may apply for public liability cover with Burnie City Council’s Community Liability Pack insurance for stallholders.

  11. Will I be reimbursed for material costs?
  12. Reimbursement of material costs may be considered on a case by case basis for hands-on/interactive activities/workshops. If you would like to further discuss this, please indicate as such in your application form.

  13. My equipment is noisy/messy/wet …but I need to be inside…will I be able to participate?
  14. Please ensure that a detailed description of your activity is included with your application. If this involves excessive noise and water activities, this may be allocated to one of the outside exhibition spaces.

  15. Can I bring my own marquee for an outside presentation/exhibit?
  16. Yes, you are welcome to provide your own marquee for your exhibit, please include the size of the marquee on your application to ensure your allocated space is large enough.

  17. Can I play music or show films as part of my presentation/exhibit?
  18. Absolutely! Please let us know what you would like to show and we will do our best to accommodate this. We may need to explore options around audio – but welcome the opportunity to further discuss this with you.

  19. Will I be able to take photographs of the community at the event?
  20. Yes, you can take photos on the day as this is a public event. However, please be mindful of taking photos of children under the age of 18 and ask for permission first.

  21. Do I need a Working with Vulnerable People card to provide workshops?
  22. If you plan to run interactive workshops that include unsupervised children you WILL require a Working with Vulnerable People registration.

  23. What if I need help completing my application?
  24. We’re happy to help out! Please email us at or phone us on (03) 6430 1613.

  25. Will I be paid for my time?
  26. No. This is a free event to exhibit, promote and share what it is that you make. It will also be free to participate as an event attendee.

  27. I’m a painter, will I need to bring protective floor covering for the BAFC carpet/floor?
  28. Painting activities / exhibits will be allocated a space away from carpeted spaces. The BAFC area has many spaces available which aren’t carpeted. Exhibitors are required to provide floor covering to protect the floor surface.

  29. How will this event be advertised?
  30. The event will be promoted through National Science Week media and promotion, The Advocate, social media, posters, signage across the region and direct advertising through schools, community clubs etc. Through project partners there will be significant cross promotion across social media.

  31. Will there be a first-aider on site?
  32. Yes.

  33. I’m a lone exhibitor, will there be support available if I need to take a break?
  34. Yes, we will have volunteer staff available on the day to help if you need a brief break from your exhibit.

  35. Will there be any transport provided to help move equipment to and from the event?
  36. No. Exhibitors travelling from Hobart, Launceston or within the region will be eligible to apply for a travel voucher.

  37. Can I get access to water for my demonstrations?
  38. Limited access to water is available. Please note on your Application Form if you require access to water, and provide a description of the planned activity.

  39. Will there be any food/refreshments available?
  40. Yes, we will have food vendors selling their products at MakerX.

  41. I want to set-up my outside display on Saturday, will overnight security be provided?
  42. No. We prefer that outdoor exhibits are set up on Sunday morning, however, we would be willing to discuss your specific requirements if this is a prohibiting factor for your participation in the event.

  43. Will I need a permit to demonstrate my drone?
  44. Please contact the MakerX Team.

  45. Can I use a live flame as part of my demonstration?
  46. Please provide a detailed description of your activity, including any emissions (flame, gas, vapour). Activities deemed hazardous will be exhibited in external areas. Event organisers will determine if the activity is too hazardous to be included in the program.

  47. I’m an entertainer, will mic equipment be available for me?
  48. Standard microphone equipment can be made available upon request. Please highlight this in your Application Form.

  49. I’d like to project a digital presentation as part of my workshop, will IT support be provided?
  50. Yes. Please highlight this to us as part of your application.

  51. Can I use chemicals/solvents/oil paints etc at the event?
  52. Please provide a detailed description of your activity, including any chemicals/solvents/oil paints. Activities deemed hazardous will be exhibited in external areas. Event organisers will determine if the activity is too hazardous to be included in the program.

  53. Do I need to use personal protective clothing, safety masks etc?  What if I don’t have these?
  54. Microphones, seats, lecturn etc. Please highlight this in your Application Form so that we can meet your needs.

  55. What infrastructure will be available for panel discussions?
  56. Microphones, seats, lecturn etc. Please highlight this in your application so that we can meet your needs.

  57. I’d love to exhibit, but I have young children, will there be a creche?
  58. There won’t be a creche facility available, however, children are welcome to come along with exhibitors. If you have family or friends coming along too there will be heaps of exciting activities for the kids!

  59. I haven’t received your email confirmation
  60. Please add to your contacts to ensure that emails from this address do not end up in your SPAM folder - if this isn’t effective, please phone us.