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Resources for staff

The following information is provided to assist staff in University of Tasmania faculties, schools, institutes and organisational units. For further information, please contact

It is important for staff involved in the development and distribution of promotional and marketing material to be aware of copyright requirements relating to the use of photos, footage and quotes.

To use an image or film/video/DVD footage for marketing or promotional purposes, the University of Tasmania must either:

  • Own the image/film, or
  • Have written permission from the image/film owner authorising use of the image/film

Similarly, written permission must also be provided to the University for inclusion of people, either in images, film or written quotes.

The University Governance and Legal have developed a Personal Consent Form which covers use of individuals for photos, filming or in testimonials. This form must be completed and signed to authorise use by the University. Download the form from the University Brand website.

Note: Original copies of the University of Tasmania Personal Consent Form should be held on file within the relevant organisational unit. A scanned electronic version of the form should be saved onto HPRM (the University's record information management system). For those units that do not operate or access HPRM, the scanned electronic version of the form should be emailed to Forms should be emailed individually, rather than in bulk, for effective retrieval purposes.

When using photographs not owned by the University, written permission must be given by the photographer. Permission can be in the form of email or letter and an electronic version should be saved onto HPRM as per the above instructions.

The University maintains an integrated marketing campaign for brand awareness, positioning and the purpose of recruiting all domestic students for undergraduate and postgraduate programs, managed by the Director of Corporate Marketing. A component of the campaign is the domestic advertising presence - covering print media, television, cinema, outdoor, digital and special event marketing - and any advertising undertaken for the purpose of recruiting domestic students must align with the University's current advertising campaign.

Staff seeking assistance or information relating to domestic advertising should contact the Marketing Office.