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MyLO Manager

MyLO Manager is a tool used to manage the life-cycle of Online Units for MyLO. It provides a method for Unit Coordinators to take ownership of the creation and configuration of their Online Units; such as when it is offered, the title of the unit, and which staff and students have access. This allows the MyLO team to shift some of the responsibility to the Unit Coordinator, reducing the administration overhead while still enforcing rules placed on unit creation and configuration.

Once requested, a unit's association or disassociation with students (via their enrolments) is updated automatically.

MyLO Manager is also being used for the creation of student groups in MyLO. This is based on demographic data, such as study mode and campus location.

When an Online Unit has finished being offered, MyLO Manager will ensure that all staff and student participants continue to have access to that unit in a read-only form. The (former) participants will see the Online Unit via a "past" role in new MyLO.

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How to request or update your unit: