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New Assignment List view - Opt in

Information on new Assignment List View:

When accessing Assignments, the list view now displays updated information if you choose to Opt-In. Previously lecturers and support staff would see information on the assignment name, Total Submissions, Unread Submissions, Flagged Submissions, and Due Date. Now you can see information on the assignment name, the number of students who have completed the assignment, the number of students who have been evaluated, the number of students who have had feedback published, and the Due Date. This allows you to quickly determine what assignments need to be evaluated, and if any assignments have been published.

To enable the new Assignment List View:

Initially when accessing the assignment tool you will get a message requesting to turn on the new list view.

Turn on the new Assignment list view

If you accept to turn it on your view will now look like below:

New list view appearance

If at any-time you want to return to the old view (or if you dismissed the message the first time) you can do this by pressing on the arrow at the right-hand side of your navigation bar. This will open up the window and you can turn the view on or off.

Click on the arrow

Students also have an updated view of the assignments list, and are now able to see the assignment name, the Completion Status (Not Submitted, Submitted, Completed), their Score, The Evaluation Status (Not yet evaluated, Feedback: unread, Feedback: read), and the Due Date. This change to the list view allows students to easily locate unfinished assignments, as well as access their scores and view  feedback on their work.

New student view of the Assignment list:

New assignment list view for students