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Creating an Assignment Folder (+ TurnitIn)

Create an Assignments Folder (for online submissions)

  • Select the Assessments link on the navbar and select Assignments from the drop down menu
  • On the Assignment page, select the New Assignment button. On the Properties page fill in all the information as seen in the two images below:New Submission folder
  1. Enter a meaningful title (taken from your Assessment Task Descriptions section of your Unit Outline/Essentials module) in the Name field.
  2. Enter clear and detailed instructions for the students,as well as a link to the Discussion Topic (or other location) where students are able to ask questions about the assessment task in the Instructions field
  3. Add further information via attachments
  4. Select either a individual or Group assignment. More information on group assignments can be found here
  5. Select your assignment type - file submission, Text submission( users type text directly into the submission area), . On paper submission( users have given a hard copy assignment) and Observed in person.
Assignment creation two
  1. Select the radio buttons that best reflect the needs and requirements of your assignment.
  2. Enter the number that represents full marks for the task (100 is usually the easiest number to work with) in the Score Out Of field. Select the relevant Grade Item from the drop down menu (you will need to Set up your Gradebook and Create a Grade Item first), or create a grade item  now
  3. Change the settings of what your students will see when getting grades if needed
  4. Select the Add Rubric button, if you plan to mark with a rubric and attach it here. In the pop-up window - Select the checkbox for the relevant rubric (you will need to set up a Rubric first) and then select the Add Selected button
  • Submissions folder restrictionsSelect the Restrictions tab (you may first need to scroll up the page)
  • Select the Has Start Date checkbox and set the date to the first day of semester, and the time to 9:00 AM (or select the Now button)
  • Select the Has Due Date checkbox and set the date and time to match the due date and time presented in the Unit Outline and Essentials/Assessment module in Content
  • Select the Has End Date checkbox and set the date to be how ever far you wish to receive late submissions from your students. All late submissions will be marked as late with the with time given in days/ hours. If you do not set the Has End Date and are using Turnitin, then submissions will be accepted until the end of the unit.
  • If you are not going to use Turnitin for originality checking, then you can select the Save and Close button

Setting up Turnitin

Enabling Turnitin allows you to use GradeMark to provide feedback online.  This eliminates downloading and uploading (as well as printing and scanning) from your assignment marking workflow.
Submissions folder - turnitin

  1. Select the Turnitin® tab. Select the Enable GradeMark for this folder check-box. This will open up other Turnitin related options. You can use GradeMark without having an Originality Check
  2. Select to automatically transfer/ sync grades added within Turnitin to a draft status in your assignment folder if you are adding grades within Turnitin itself. If you are not using grades within Turnitin then keep the default option  "Manually sync grades".  Choosing to Automatically transfer grades, will carry any scores given within Turnitin to your feedback area for you. Note: that you no longer have to add a score in Turnitin in order for your students to view Grademark reports and choosing this option will not automatically push the grade into the gradebook.  .
  3. Check the box to enable and Originality Check for all submissions to this assignment folder.
  4. If you wish your students to view their Originality Report then check this option.
  5. Select the Automatic originality checking on all submissions radio button so that all submissions are checked automatically when submitted
  6. Open the More Options in Turnitin  and ensure that the Originality report Generation and re-submissions is set to Generate reports immediately ( students can resubmit until due date). Press Submit.More options in Turnitin
  7. Select the Save and Close button