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Add/link content to placeholders in Unit Builder

This resource outlines how to add/link content to existing placeholders in Unit Builder.

A placeholder is a visual identifier that enables you to plan your unit and add the content referred to in each of the placeholders as it becomes ready.

Accessing Unit Builder

  • unit builder 2From your Unit homepage: Click Unit Builder from the navigation bar under Admin & Help
    • You can also get to the Unit Builder via Content/ Table of Contents/ Related Tools

Unit Builder page

  • Unit Builder add to placeholders 1Click the + icon on a module to reveal it's contents.
  • All the placeholders for that module will be shown. You can tell they are placeholders as they have a dotted border around them.

Adding content to a placeholder with Drag and Drop
  • Unit Builder add to placeholders 2Click on an object in the Add Content to create content directly within the Unit builder area.
  • A pop-up box will appear requesting information about the object you have chosen.
    • The information required varies depending on the object type you chose.
  • To drag and drop existing content use the Browse Tools option to scroll to specific content and drag it onto a placeholder
    • Placeholders restrict the type of content that can be dragged onto them. For example, you can only drag a Discussion onto the Discussion placeholder.

Adding content to a File placeholder

In addition to the Drag and Drop method (above) you can also upload files from your computer into a File placeholder

  • Unit Builder add to placeholders 3Click on the File placeholder
  • From the menu to the right click on Add File
  • A pop-up box will appear
    • Select My Computer
    • Either drag and drop a file from your computer or click the Upload button to find one.
    • Click Add

Unit Builder add to placeholders 5Any placeholders you have converted into content will now be show with a darker background and without a dotted border.

  • Click Content to close the Unit Builder