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Embedding external material in unit content

You can embed lots of different types of objects directly into unit content.

Below gives and example of how to embed a YouTube video.  This method also works for files, photos, ePortfolio, and much more.

Types of Stuff you can embed:
  • Files from your computer.
  • Unit Offering Files.
  • Shared Files.
  • Learning Repository.
  • ePortfolio.
  • Webcam Video.
  • YouTube.
  • Flickr.
  • Web Links.
  • HTML Code

Content Module page

  • Embedding external material 1From the Unit Home click on the Content button.
  • Select a module to work on
  • Select the Upload / Create button and click on Create a File

Create a File page

  • Embedding external material 2Give the file a Title
  • Enter some content.
  • Place the cursor where you want to insert an object and click the Insert Stuff button.

Insert Stuff popup

Embedding external material 3In this example we are going to embed a YouTube clip, but it could be any of the object types listed.

  • Select YouTube from the object types down the left hand side of the window.
  • Search for and select a clip
  • Click Next
    • Each object type has it's own configuration options..
  • If you are happy with your choice click Insert.

The embedded object

  • Embedding external material 4Back in the Edit HTML File page you will see your embedded object.
    • To see the underlying HTML code click the </> button at the bottom right of the editing area.
  • Click Publish