MyLO - My Learning Online

Inserting an existing equella item in content.

The University uses the Equella system as part of its copyright management, so electronic versions of printed resources not otherwise available online need to be uploaded to this system before they can be used in MyLO.

This guide shows you how to provide students with easy access to any documents which have been uploaded to Equella from within the MyLO environment.

Content Module page

  • Equella 1From the Unit Home click on the Content button.
  • Select a module to work on
  • Select the Existing Activities button and click on Equella Select or Add Item

Add Activity popup

  • Equella 2Search for an existing resource.
  • Equella 3Select the resource from the list
  • Equella 4Click Select item
  • Equella 5Click Return selection

Content Module page (again)

  • Equella 6Your new link to the Equella resource has been added.