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Trialling a Unit as a Student

This desktop guide outlines how you can participate in your unit as a student using the Impersonate function.

This is especially useful for testing aspects of your unit prior to students being enrolled, and for solving any difficulties your students may experience. 

  • ClasslistFrom your Unit homepage, click Classlist

  • Trialling a Unit as a StudentPress on the Student View Tab.
  • You will now be able to see the Student View user. Click the drop-down menu next to this student and select Impersonate.
    • Click Yes to confirm

You are now viewing the unit as a student and can complete student activities such as quizzes, upload assignments and test restrictions you have added to your content.

You can tell that you are viewing this unit as a student because the View student's name will be in the top right of the window.

  • Trialling a Unit as a Student 2When you wish to revert back to your normal view pull down the menu to the right of the student name and click the X button.
  • Your profile will return to its normal state and you will be able to navigate your unit again using your normal role (e.g. lecturer).