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Unit Builder Overview

A basic overview of the respective sections of the Unit Builder.

    Accessing Unit Builder

  • unit builder 2From your Unit homepage: Click Unit Builder from the navigation bar under Admin & Help
    • You can also get to the Unit Builder via Content/ Table of Contents/ Related Tool

Unit Builder page

  1. Unit Builder OverviewObject Selector
    • Build Outline
      • Drag or click modules and placeholders to build your unit outline.
    • Add Content
      • Drag or click items to create new content and fill in placeholders.
    • Browse Tools
      • Browse for existing objects then drag them onto the canvas.
  2. Unit Canvas
    • Rearrange content by dragging and dropping.
    • Add content by dragging objects from the object selector on the left.
  3. Object Settings
    • View the properties of a selected object.
    • Link content with a placeholder.