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Unit Builder Overview

This page provides information relating to the Unit Builder tool in MyLO (D2L BrightSpace). For information on the Course and Unit Builder (CUB) app, please visit this site -

A basic overview of the respective sections of the Unit Builder.

    Accessing Unit Builder

  • unit builder 2From your Unit homepage: Click Unit Builder from the navigation bar under Admin & Help
    • You can also get to the Unit Builder via Content/ Table of Contents/ Related Tool

Unit Builder page

  1. Unit Builder OverviewObject Selector
    • Build Outline
      • Drag or click modules and placeholders to build your unit outline.
    • Add Content
      • Drag or click items to create new content and fill in placeholders.
    • Browse Tools
      • Browse for existing objects then drag them onto the canvas.
  2. Unit Canvas
    • Rearrange content by dragging and dropping.
    • Add content by dragging objects from the object selector on the left.
  3. Object Settings
    • View the properties of a selected object.
    • Link content with a placeholder.