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Using the D2L Templates to create content in MyLO

How to Use the D2L Templates

The D2L Templates are available to all units in MyLO. To use these templates you will need to use MyLO Mate, which is available to all staff teaching roles within MyLO. It will appear in the Navbar of MyLO:
MyLO Mate icon

Pressing on Show all Config allows you to set your preferences for MyLO Mate. Further information on MyLO Mate is here.

Create a New Templated Page

  1. In the Content tool, browse to the module the new page is to be created in, then select Upload / Create > Create a Web Page. 
    Create your web page
  2. Select the new Use D2L Basic Template button, or another template from the Select a Document Template list. 
    Select New template
  3. Editable regions are indicated by dotted lines. Click in these areas and select components from the new D2L Templates Sidebar (hover for preview).
    Call Out panel
  4. Icon callout panels are inserted with a default icon. Click on the icon to get a selection of recommended icons.  
    Default Icon can be changed
  5. You can optionally include a banner image at the top of your new page. Select Show banner to display the default template banner, and select Choose banner to replace it with your own. Be sure to check the licensing for the image if it is not your own. Recommended image size is 1200 px by 300px. Tick the option to use the same banner for all your pages.
    Choose a banner for your webpage

How to Migrate a Page from ICB to D2L

When editing an existing ICB web page, you will see the Change to D2L Template button above the page content.

Migrate from ICB to D2L template

The page content will automatically be migrated across to the D2L Templating system, and you will see the message below.Changed to D2L template message

It is important to review the converted content carefully, as there are some components that may need layout or icon adjustment.

First Time Conversion

The first time you convert a page in a unit, you may see the message below:

:Default template message

Select OK to change the default template to D2L Templates for your unit. This changes which templates appear next to the page title in the ‘Select a Document Template’ drop-down.

Incompatible Objects

There are certain ICB objects that are not compatible with the new D2L Templating system, for example, the interactive (grouping and sorting) objects. If your ICB page contains any of these objects, you will receive a warning like the below:

Incompatible error message

We suggest re-creating an equivalent activity using ITS-supported H5P system.


MyLO MATE is not a centrally supported project, so please contact the Service Desk if you have any issues.