MyLO - My Learning Online

New Evaluation Experience within Discussion Tool

Access your discussions within MyLO and from the topic select to Assess Topic from the drop-down options.

Select assess Topic

Press on Topic Score to begin marking within the discussion tool.

Press on Topic Score

You can choose to turn on the new evaluation experience:

New evaluation

You will now  have access to the new evaluation experience within the discussion tool.

New marking experience

  1. The students threads and replies are all listed for you to easily read.
  2. You can filter by thread or date.
  3. The Rubric is shown here. Pressing on the arrow will open up the rubric to be graded via a slider
  4. Press on open to open the Rubric in a new window to score that way.
  5. The grade will be auto filled from your rubric (unless it is a text only rubric)
  6. Add your overall feedback, including adding files and recording video and audio.