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Printing (or saving) a Discussion Thread

Although all Discussion Topics, Threads and Posts are saved and available within MyLO, it is possible to make a print out of a Thread of Posts if you need a hard copy, or wish to save the thread outside of MyLO.

This guide takes you through the steps for printing (or saving) a MyLO Discussion Thread

The Discussion List page

  • Grid view - 1Access the Discussion List page by pulling down the Communication menu and selecting Discussions.
    • This will give you a list of all your Forums and associated topics within these Forums.
  • To view a Forum click on it's title.

The Discussion Topic page

  • Print Discussion thread 2Click on the Action arrow to the right of the thread you wish to print
  • Select Print Thread from the drop-down menu
    • You can either print the thread or change your printer to Save To PDF to save a copy of the thread to your computer.