MyLO - My Learning Online

Echo360 Features

What features does Echo360 have?

  • Automated recording and upload from a schedule in lecture theatres, including live webcasting
  • Ad hoc user initiated recording in lecture theatres
  • Universal Capture - Classroom software in small classrooms
  • Universal Capture - Personal software for Windows and Mac
  • LiveStream using both Universal Capture - Personal and Classroom
  • Media upload
  • Online video editor
  • Seamless linking in MyLO
  • Streaming and download options

System improvements

  • Faster and higher quality video processing - videos are available much faster.
  • Videos are now better quality and also smaller, utilising less bandwidth.
  • Cloud based storage means UTAS now has unlimited storage space for media..
  • Video editing is available up to 6 months after the initial material is created.
  • HTML5 based user interface, which fully supports mobile devices.

In-class presentation tools and engagement analytics

  • In class presentation tools, so lecturers can upload PPTX or PDF files to the cloud, and insert questions and tasks into the presentation.
  • When ALP is used to present students can type questions, flag content as confusing, write their own notes and make bookmarks.
  • Comprehensive student engagement analytics with customisable criteria for each unit.
  • Ability to insert interactive activities such as quizzes and polls into a presentation.

More ways to create media

In addition to the existing suite of lecture recording devices, desktop and classroom capture software, and file upload:

  • Android and iOS apps for video upload.
  • Upload video from various cloud storage locations (Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Box)
  • Ability for lecturers to store their presentation PPTX or PDF file with the recording, including a PowerPoint plug in to directly upload PPTX files.
  • Staff have a library, where they can view, edit, store, and share content from.

More options for students

  • New HTML5 playback environment works on almost any device.
  • Student's notes and video bookmarks are compiled into a central "study guide".
  • Students can search across a whole unit's worth of recordings for text that appears in the video or slides.
  • Students also have their own media library.