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Documentation for Staff

Information about Echo360

MyMedia is the UTAS name for the service that supplies lecture and presentation recording and video storage.

Below is a collection of documentation and links for academics and support staff on how to use the Echo360 Active Learning Platform (ALP) tools and environment.

A number of training videos for both Instructors and Students are available for the new Echo360 (ALP) system -

Instructors:   Echo360 Instructor training videos

Students: Echo360 Student training Videos

How to get a login, book a unit space, or schedule recordings?

Account and login Information

Password reset

How to book an Echo360 space and/or schedule recordings for your unit

How to create an Adhoc Recording

Using the Echo360 (ALP) web site

The instructor's home page

The instructor's class list

The instructor's library page

Course and student analytics

Uploading, editing, and other content tasks

How to upload audio and video files

How to publish/unpublish uploaded files to a unit (course)

How to edit video files

Allowing other staff to edit video files

Disabling file downloads on a unit

Changing content availability settings

Linking to recordings

Adding unit links in MyLO

Using a video's public link or embed code

Using the Active Learning Tools (Advanced)

Working with slides and presentations

Working with interactive activities

Presenting content during class

Using classroom tools

Monitoring Q&A during class

Using the Echo360 Software 

Using Universal Capture - Classroom software

Using Universal Capture - Personal

Echo360 Enabled Lecture Theatres and Teaching Rooms

Echo360 enabled venues

Using Live Webcasting

Viewing live classes (Instructors)

The PowerPoint Ribbon Add-on (Windows only)

Installing the PowerPoint ribbon add-on